D O O M   B U G G I E S

Cruise for a bruise my dudes.

Drive around the desert, blow things up, upgrade your buggy, repeat FOREVER.

An endless waves twin-stick shooter currently in development - by which I mean I have a bunch more ideas for this and there's loads of things I'd like to polish, but as it stands it's completely playable and I might not get around to doing anything else for a while.

Controls are all explained in-game but for reference:
This game needs a controller with twin sticks to be played, and instructions given are for an Xbox 360 controller.
Move with the left stick, aim the turret with the right stick.
Shoot with the right trigger, lay mines with the left (if you have collected a crate).
In the start room, you can change your buggy with X and turret with Y.
Start will pause the game, and a hidden easter egg is that you can mute the music with M on the keyboard.

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