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Drifting amidst the wreckage of a doomed Interstellar voyage, Humanity must scavenge and cannibalise what remains to stay alive, to have any hope of a future. Astro Six is one scavenger, travelling with the crew of the Mericelle to reap salvage from the dead Titan-ship Anchiale’s Hearth

Resources are scarce and time is precious, so Astro Six must go in search of everything the new fleet can use, navigating safely through the shell of Anchiale and picking out the most valuable salvage and taking it back to Mericelle. Alone with only the Captain’s voice to help, Astro Six has to find the way in and out again, alive.

===== CONTROLS =====

Keyboard or gamepad supported.

Player movement along surfaces is controlled with the arrow keys or left stick.

Jump with space or A - but beware: once your mag-boots are deactivated, you’re out of control and at the whim of your momentum until you latch onto another surface...

When encountering an item to salvage, press X to pick it up, and press B to drop it; you can only carry one thing at a time.

Try and make it back out with the most valuable item you can find.

Made by Jed Josh Edwards and Jack Carlyle for the UK Nerd Punx Summer Jam 2017


spacewreck.exe 3 MB

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